Scandinavian Group

An Ajna Holding subsidiary, Scandinavian Group is a diversified group of companies with a presence in the UK, UAE, and India through their respective subsidiaries – Scandinavian Group Limited UK, Scandinavian Group DMCC, and Scandinavian Enterprises Private Limited.

Scandinavian Group

"With interests across multiple industries ranging from Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Finance & Consulting, IT and ITES, healthcare, water infrastructure and green energy"

About Scandinavian Group

Scandinavian Group strives to create sustainable living for the people by espousing ecologically viable practices and focusing on positive impact over profits. Our emphasis on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) makes it imperative that we only chose those opportunities which have the potential to create a significant positive social impact.

From enabling the access to low volume lifesaving medicines to rare diseases/immunological disorders which are usually not profitable to the pharmaceutical industries to the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in smart cities, energy storage, and generation to developing water infrastructure in the most needed parts of the world, Scandinavian group focusses on niche sectors owing to its rich and diverse human capital, technological expertise, and financial abilities.
Scandinavian Group’s trading division offers unparalleled services to its clients ensuring the highest quality of the goods. Scandinavian Group specializes in the supply of medical consumables such as nitrile gloves, face masks, PPEs, and supply of medical equipment.

Scandinavian Group’s infrastructure division has interests in Real Estate Development, Sustainable Infrastructure Development in Energy, Transportation, Health Infrastructure, Water and Effluent Treatment, Regional Development like Smart City Development, Integrated Township, that focusses on progressive and positive social impact to the bottom of the pyramid.

Scandinavian Group offers low-cost, long-term financing for large infrastructure projects across the world to both sovereign governments and large corporates based on the OECD guidelines. With a presence in over 30 countries through its affiliate entities, Scandinavian Group has been delivering turnkey EPC+F solutions to the critical infrastructure projects in MENA, APAC, and the GCC. With a strong emphasis on the positive environmental and social impact, Scandinavian Group’s stringent project evaluation criteria ensure that only ecologically and economically sustainable projects are implemented by the group.

With no country-specific and project-specific cap on financing, Scandinavian Group is well equipped to offer EPC+F services to infrastructure projects ranging from € 50 Mn to € 2 Bn.

Our Subsidiaries & Global Operations

Scandinavian Group UK

The Scandinavian Group in UK operates through its subsidiary The Scandinavian Group UK and cover the United Kingdom and entire Europe

Scandinavian Group DMCC

The Scandinavian Group DMCC based in Dubai manages operations of the GCC and entire Africa

Scandinavian Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Our subsidiary, Scandinavian Enterprises Pvt Ltd, based in India and covers entire APAC region.