Presenting our
Portfolio Companies

We invest in companies
with high growth potential
that contribute to sustainable 

Our Holdings are
Highly Diversified

Our holding companies include
technology, large development projects,
realty, finance & investment, sports,
leisure & entertainment, cinema,
construction, trading, healthcare equipment

HQ in Sweden
with a
global footprint

We are headquartered in Sweden,
spread across India, United Kingdom
and Brazil

Our Team, Driven by passion

Ajna Holdings draws from the diverse but complementing strengths of its management team, employees, and consultants.

Our experience in successfully implementing a large number of projects across the globe gives us the knowledge, wisdom, and depth to intuitively invest in the right ventures.

Our team's passion has helped us in identifying the right companies to invest in and provide them with all the necessary support to help them grow rapidly and profitably.

Investment Philosophy

Ajna in Sanskrit means third eye or the eye of intuition. Ajna Holdings intuitively understands the challenges faced by our today’s world and this is reflected in its investment philosophy and also amongst its group companies. 

Sustainability, inclusivity, transparency, integrity form the core pillars of Ajna and its group companies and its investment philosophy is to provide superior return to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Our Philosophy


Leisure & Entertainment


Technology & AI

Environment Friendly Projects



Infrastructure Projects

Healthcare Equipment